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Get your neighbor to sign up for service and have it installed on the same day as you and you'll both get a FREE MONTH of service.


Help us bring High Speed Internet Access to your community and you could qualify for FREE or dis- counted service.

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Lincoln........(402) 817-2682
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or e-mail us: info@futuretk.com

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Our high-speed, wireless Internet access offers a cost effective alternative to Cable modems or DSL and is available in the city as well as rural areas and small towns. If your location has made it difficult to access the Internet, build a business network, achieve connectivity, or if you're just paying too much for broadband now, we've got the solution.

IT’S FAST! We can deliver speeds as high as 1000 Mb/s Our robust network is backed by two multi homed fiber networks physically seperated for additional redundancy. ...(more)